Who's Afraid of AI Agents? The Future of Automation, with Bob Ziroll

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Meet Bob Ziroll πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ! Bob is Scrimba's Head of Education and one of the Internet's favorite React teachers. His latest course is on AI, but don't worry, there's React... I mean, ReAct in AI as well!

In the previous three episodes, we defined an AI engineer and demystified their tools. We explored foundation models and discussed how to personalize them through retrieval augmented generation and fine-tuning. We also delved into various use cases for incorporating AI models into your projects and explored why ChatGPT has brought a fundamental shift in how we perceive AI.

Today, Bob will guide us through the realm of AI agents, representing the future of automation. An AI agent is capable of perceiving its environment. What does that mean, and how can one create an AI agent? Also, will they eventually take over the world?

Bob will also give us actionable advice on how to stay ahead of the curve in the fast-changing world of AI models, and discuss his vision for the future of AI.

Bob's AI agents and automation course is part of Scrimba's brand-new AI path. Let's dive in!

This is the final episode of our series on AI engineering, introducing Scrimba's AI Engineer Path. This path is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of AI for your projects.

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⏰ Timestamps
  • Nowadays, Bob teaches both React and AI (01:34)
  • AI is moving even faster than the front end (02:16)
  • What's new in the world of AI and coding (02:46)
  • ChatGPT vs. the GPT foundation model (04:15)
  • What is an AI agent (05:45)
  • The Terminator! (09:33)
  • We didn't invent AI; we discovered it (10:29)
  • Midroll! (11:56)
  • Prominent examples of AI agents today (12:35)
  • Will AI agents replace people (15:25)
  • Why you shouldn't fear nor ignore AI (18:12)
  • Any predictions about AI are temporary and short-lived (21:36)
  • How can you build your own AI agent? (24:34)
  • React... and REact (31:26)
  • Advice on how to stay up-to-date without getting totally overwhelmed (35:58)
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Who's Afraid of AI Agents? The Future of Automation, with Bob Ziroll
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