The Path to Becoming an AI Engineer with Scrimba CEO Per Borgen

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Meet Per Borgen πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄! Scrimba's co-founder and CEO returns to the show after more than two years. In this episode, Per and Alex delve into the emergence of a new breed of developerβ€”the AI engineer.

What defines an AI engineer? What key skills set them apart? Is machine learning knowledge a prerequisite? Why did ChatGPT bring a paradigm shift in our interaction with AI? Dive into these topics, discover how to utilize and personalize existing AI models, and explore alternative options beyond OpenAI.

Since the Scrimba podcast always brings you practical advice, this episode is a guide to the AI engineer stack. Prepare to take notes as Per unravels the terminology and technology crucial for navigating the AI landscape as a developer.

This episode begins a five-part series on AI engineering, introducing Scrimba's AI Engineer Path.

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⏰ Timestamps

  • Scrimba's launching its AI Engineer Path! πŸŽ‰ (03:11)
  • Why an AI path is so critical at the moment (04:01)
  • Why AI engineering is not just a fad (07:32)
  • Community Break with Jan the Producer (10:41)
  • Why ChatGPT brought a change in the way we perceive AI, and what's the difference between discriminative and generative AI (11:40)
  • What's the difference between GPT and ChatGPT (15:50)
  • What companies build AI tools for developers other than OpenAI? (21:50)
  • Human + AI is still better than just AI (23:11)
  • The context is the product (24:56)
  • Tuning a foundation model - data are the secret sauce (28:53)
  • What is an AI engineer (29:54)
  • How is AI engineering different from prompt engineering? (31:20)
  • How's an AI engineer different from a data scientist or a machine learning engineer (32:04)
  • OpenAI vs open-source alternatives (34:11)
  • Making sense of the AI engineering stack (36:26)
  • HuggingFace has machine-learning models that can run in a browser! (39:15)
  • What is RAG and how to perform it (39:59)
  • What is LangChain (41:55)
  • How's the AI path structured? (45:29)
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The Path to Becoming an AI Engineer with Scrimba CEO Per Borgen
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