What Is Productivity Anxiety and How to Beat It, with Matt and Eric from Self-Taught Devs Podcast

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Meet Matt Ehrlich and Eric Winkelspecht 🇬🇧! They are the hosts of the Self-Taught Devs podcast. And, you guessed it, they are self-taught devs and career changers to boot. Matt was a park ranger, and Eric worked at an IT solutions company but didn't code. Today, they are a front-end developer and a full-stack developer, respectively, who met through LinkedIn and then decided to host a podcast!

In this episode, you will learn about their coding journeys, the resources they used, and why they decided to be self-taught. They talk about motivation and keeping yourself going, how to create structure, and what to do if you feel guilty when you take a break. If you're curious about what makes a successful self-taught dev, this episode is for you!

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🔗 Timestamps

  • How Matt Ehrlich took up coding after being a park ranger for years (01:09)
  • A coding career gives you the opportunity for unlimited growth (02:44)
  • The Self-Taught Devs podcast tries to fill a gap in information (03:39)
  • Eric just landed his first full-time software development role! (06:19)
  • How Eric decided to learn to code (08:06)
  • How does it feel to change careers after more than a decade (08:43)
  • Eric's learning resources (10:10)
  • Community break with Jan the Producer (10:58)
  • Why Matt took the self-taught route (13:39)
  • Matt's learning resources (14:54)
  • Quitting your job to learn to code: pros and cons (16:11)
  • How long did Matt take to learn to code (17:45)
  • Can you learn discipline, and how can you stay motivated (19:12)
  • What can you do if you get stuck (27:26)
  • Should you be taking breaks from your job search? (29:55)
  • Listen to this if you get discouraged after getting a rejection letter (30:54)
  • What is productivity anxiety (33:03)
  • How did Matt and Eric meet and what makes them work as podcast co-hosts (36:15)
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What Is Productivity Anxiety and How to Beat It, with Matt and Eric from Self-Taught Devs Podcast
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