How to Find Your People and the Work You Find Exciting, with Scrimba Student Anna

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Meet Anna Ha 🇵🇱 🇰🇷! Anna was born in Poland, where she majored in English and minored in Chinese. She then moved to South Korea and set off to learn Korean and coding at the same time! Today, she works at a startup that creates tools for learning Korean. Perfect match!

In this episode, you'll discover if coding is a language. Anna also shares her learning strategy, how she discovered Scrimba, what amazing projects she worked on via Chingu, how she kept herself motivated, and how finding a community helped her stay on track. You'll also discover what's the key to both landing a job and looking forward to going to work every day!

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🔗 Timestamps

  • How Anna discovered coding when she had a blog as a teenager but ended up studying languages (01:14)
  • Anna started learning to code after moving from Poland to South Korea! (03:00)
  • Anna always wanted to live somewhere else at least for a year (05:16)
  • How Anna learned to code (06:02)
  • What to do if you think that coding just isn't for you (08:39)
  • Community break (11:46)
  • Focus on one step at a time (14:41)
  • How Anna juggled different learning resources (15:28)
  • How Chingu helped Anna get relevant coding experience (18:02)
  • How Anna landed her first tech role (22:01)
  • Anna's interview process and what was most important (24:19)
  • Anna's current company: Learn Korean in Koren (25:19)
  • Your background is important, and so is your attitude (26:58)
  • Quick-fire questions! K-pop, Flutter, and Scrimba (30:41)
  • How Anna found out she was getting an offer (31:45)
  • The importance of community and support (34:53)
  • Advice to younger Anna (35:33)
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How to Find Your People and the Work You Find Exciting, with Scrimba Student Anna
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