How Johnny Learned Angular and Typescript in Three Days

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Meet Johnny Proano πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ! Johnny had a long and happy career in sales, spanning almost two decades. But, something was missing, so he decided to explore coding. He thought he had to have a degree, but when it turned out he couldn't afford it, he enrolled into a bootcamp and signed up for Scrimba.

This is a fun and exciting story about career change and looking for your purpose. It is also a story of networking at your daughter's school events, as well as learning Angular and TypeScript (and creating a project using them) in only three days! You'll hear how Johnny approached learning and what kept him going, how to introduce software engineering to toddlers, and how can you turn your failed job interviews in learning experiences once and for all.

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⏰ Timestamps

  • How Johnny discovered coding because he needed a website (01:35)
  • Why Johnny wanted to switch from a successful and long-lasting career in sales (04:38)
  • How did Johnny learn to code, and why did he have to drop out of school (08:07)
  • Community break with Jan the Producer (13:36)
  • Johnny's bootcamp experience... and how he found Scrimba (16:02)
  • How Johnny started applying for jobs, and how he dealt with imposter syndrome (18:27)
  • Johnny's approach to job applications and LinkedIn (20:33)
  • Quick-fire questions: DJing, learning resources, and Vue (24:09)
  • How Johnny turned failed interviews into learning opportunities (26:23)
  • Johnny got a job via networking at his daughter's school event! (26:56)
  • How Johnny had only three days to learn a new technology and get ready for an interview (29:30)
  • "I need to do something that's going to make an impact" (31:52)
  • Interview tip: ask questions (36:11)
  • Johnny got a job offer within 24 hours! (36:37)
  • Do you need a degree to be a developer? (38:59)
  • Coding for toddlers (39:39)
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How Johnny Learned Angular and Typescript in Three Days
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