How Mohamed Landed a Dev Job Through Instagram

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Meet Mohamed Amine Hachemi!
Mohamed is a full-stack developer who recently landed his first dev job! But that's not the most amazing part of his story. He actually found that job through Instagram! In a world where everyone is applying through LinkedIn, Mohamed decided to take a different approach and utilize social media. In this episode, you'll discover exactly how he did it. And no, it doesn't involve cold DMing.

After completing his law studies, Mohamed realized that a career in law wasn't what he truly desired for the next few decades. He reflected on his childhood interests and rediscovered his passion for coding. With some prior experience in HTML and CSS from editing Blogger templates as a teenager, he immersed himself in front-end development. Eventually, he expanded his skills to backend development when he joined his current company. Tune in to hear more about his coding journey.

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⏰ Timestamps
  • Mohamed was always interested in tech, but he studied law (01:29)
  • Why Mohamed decided to switch careers (02:21)
  • How Mohamed learned to code and did editing Blogger templates in his teen years help (04:24)
  • Why is JavaScript more challenging than HTML and CSS, and how did Mohamed learn it (on YouTube, of all places)? (07:34)
  • Community break with Jan the Producer (10:26)
  • How long did it take Mohamed to learn enough to start applying for jobs (12:33)
  • How Mohamed try the typical job-hunting strategy (applying on LinkedIn) and then decided to pivot to social media (14:06)
  • Can you land a job on Instagram, and how?! (15:02)
  • Mohamed's new job, and learning back-end (19:06)
  • Why you need an internship (20:49
  • Working remotely vs. a saturated job market (21:09)  
  • What did Mohamed's interview process look like (22:38)
  • Quick-fire questions: Friends, not followers (23:14)
  • What happens if you get an internship that doesn't turn into a job afterward? (24:14)
  • What does an employee want to see from an intern? (25:50)
  • Mohamed blogged about his learning progress on LinkedIn, but didn't care how many people saw that (27:31)  
  • Was it difficult to decide to switch careers? (32:40)
  • Don't truest everything you see on YouTube (33:52)
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How Mohamed Landed a Dev Job Through Instagram
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