How To Get an Internship at Meta (Also: Follow Your Passion), With Scrimba Student Gabriel

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Meet Gabriel Pedroza 🇺🇸! Gabriel is a Scrimba student who has just landed his first internship. And the internship is at Meta (formerly known as Facebook)!

After finishing Scrimba's Frontend Career Path, Gabriel studied computer science at a university, so if you were wondering about the main differences between Scrimba and university, he's the right person to talk to! You'll also hear how he approached learning, how he's already been teaching others how to code, and what did it take for him to get an internship at Meta. More importantly, Gabriel will teach you how to follow your interests and passion, why you shouldn't be afraid of AI, and how to maximize your chances when applying for jobs!

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  • How Gabriel got interested in coding when he saw Bruno Simon’s portfolio (01:17)
  • How Gabriel learned to code (03:23)
  • Gabriel had imposter syndrome! (04:18)
  • Scrimba and a university: do they go together, and how do they differ? (05:17)
  • Community break: Your tweets and LinkedIn posts (08:10)
  • How Gabriel got his foot in the door at companies like Meta and Google, and the importance of keywords (09:40)
  • What are OAs (open assessments)? (10:42)
  • Gabriel almost didn’t apply at Meta! (11:37)
  • Gabriel taught programming workshops at the university where he’s studying (12:11)
  • Hard skills or soft skills? Gabriel only had behavioral interviews in person at Meta! (13:03)
  • How Gabriel prepared for an interview at Meta (14:28)
  • Why you should practice LeetCode and learn to think like a programmer (15:17)
  • Gabriel’s internship at Meta (16:10)
  • Quick-fire questions: coding languages, AI, and people to follow on YouTube (17:00)
  • Will AI take over coding? (18:43)
  • Follow your passion (20:52)
  • Is AI relevant for front-end development? (21:33)
  • Learning coding is just like learning anything else (23:15)
  • Don’t try to memorize everything! (24:46)
  • It’s easy to apply for jobs: here’s what you can do to maximize your chances (25:45)
  • Gabriel’s plans for the future (28:26)
  • Next week: Laura Thorson from GitHub! (30:59)
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How To Get an Internship at Meta (Also: Follow Your Passion), With Scrimba Student Gabriel
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