Tech Is Hiring, and Here's What You Need to Do! (With Chad Stewart)

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Meet Chad Stewart πŸ‡―πŸ‡²! Chad is a Senior Front End Engineer and the founder of TechIsHiring - it's a hashtag, a community, and a transnational job listing channel helping great jobs and great engineers discover each other. 

In this episode, Chad talks about the inspiration behind TechIsHiring, plans for its future, and how he cultivated a community around it. More importantly, Chad will teach you how to cultivate community yourself! We all know we need to network, but networking can be daunting. Chad reveals how he networks, who he follows on Twitter, and why being part of a community can help you get jobs, grow as a programmer, and get help when you need it.

Chad and Alex also talk about different paths to getting into tech. Becoming a developer is not the only way, and we hope this interview gives you some ideas. Plus: computer bugs, the threat of AI, and water.

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⏰ Timestamps
  • How Chad got interested in computers from a very young age (01:54)
  • There were literal bugs in his computer at times! (03:07)
  • Why do you eventually need to learn how to learn on your own so you can keep growing (04:35)
  • Also… Chad learned React using Scrimba! We had no idea. (05:32)
  • What is TechIsHiring, and how did it start? (07:36)
  • Community break! We’re highlighting tweets and LinkedIn comments from the past week. (09:27)
  • Starting a hashtag is not enough - here’s how Chad cultivates community and what the community says about it (10:57)
  • Becoming a developer is not the only way you can get into tech (13:28)
  • What TechIsHiring is about, and why Chad doesn’t want to branch out into other niches (18:51)
  • Quick-fire questions: Will AI replace software developers?
  • What is the most important thing that a new developer should focus on so they can get their first job? Leverage your connections to get jobs, but don’t forget to grow with your network (25:32)
  • How to create a network and get involved in communities if you’re not good at networking? (28:42)
  • Networking is a marathon, not a sprint (31:26)
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Tech Is Hiring, and Here's What You Need to Do! (With Chad Stewart)
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