Pre-Interview Nerves Are Just Stage Fright: Learn How to Manage Them With Pianist-Turned-Developer Emre

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Meet Emre Albayrak 🇹🇷!  Emre is a classical pianist from Turkey who decided to change careers, so he trained as a pilot! But then, the pandemic hit. Looking for something else to do (yet again), Emre discovered coding, tried it, and realized he enjoyed it! Only a year after starting to learn to code, Emre landed a job at an international IT company.

In this episode, Emre talks about his long and winding but also efficient path to becoming a developer. You'll hear how he learned to code, what resources he used, and how he approached his portfolio projects and job applications! You will probably learn something about keeping up your motivation and managing stage fright before your interviews.

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⏰ Timestamps
  • How Emre went from music to piloting to coding (02:06)
  • Emre had a developer friend who encouraged him to focus on frontend, after writing his first code in Python (05:10)
  • What resources did Emre use to learn to code? And how did he discover Scrimba? (07:06)
  • Emre landed a job only a year after he started learning to code... and he completed the Career Path in the meantime! (08:10)
  • Emre's job hunting strategy: it's all about your portfolio (09:19)
  • The secret to getting a job quickly (10:45)
  • Quickfire questions: Why doesn't Emre, a musician, listen to music while coding? Who are his favorite coding teachers? Who does he follow on YouTube?
  • How Emre knew he was ready for job interviews? (15:24)
  • Where does Emre work now? (16:01)
  • Emre found the job posting on LinkedIn. Here's what happened next (18:12)
  • Emre had to learn Redux for the test project (18:44)
  • The interview was so successful that HR told Emre they would continue with him immediately! (19:32)
  • The final stage of the interview was an English test! (20:05)
  • How Emre felt when he found out he was hired (20:24)
  • Community break! Here's what you tweeted since our previous episode. (20:55)
  • Did Emre regret leaving musicology? (22:37)
  • How Emre made sure to stay motivated during tougherr times)? (22:57)
  • How Emre deals with the stage fright that hits right before job interviews and with the pain of being rejected for a job (24:28)
  • Why does stage anxiety hit? (27:28)
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Pre-Interview Nerves Are Just Stage Fright: Learn How to Manage Them With Pianist-Turned-Developer Emre
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