How not to struggle with CSS, with Kevin Powell

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This is a rebroadcast of one of our most popular interviews. Meet Kevin Powell 🇨🇦! Kevin is a CSS Evangelist and educator. He makes weekly YouTube videos, streams on Twitch, writes articles, and teaches courses. His mission is to show new developers that CSS is fun and teach them how it works... and why it works the way it does.

In this episode, you'll learn how not to get frustrated with CSS, how to debug it, why people struggle with it, and how come we might never see a launch of CSS 4. Kevin also explains why different browsers render CSS differently and how much you should actually care about that. Alex and Kevin also discuss how the web gets made behind the scenes and how you can join the conversation and suggest the features you'd like to see in certain technologies. Plus: Bad design trends, tools and plugins, CSS memes, and tabs vs. spaces.

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⏰ Timestamps

  • How Kevin found himself in the world of web design (01:40)
  • Can a new developer focus solely on CSS? (04:38)
  • What is a CSS Evangelist? (07:24)
  • Why do people struggle with CSS? (09:26)
  • Community break! (11:00)
  • Why CSS works the way it does (13:25)
  • CSS tools you should use (15:25)
  • CSS extensions for your editor (17:26)
  • The learning curve of CSS and the Importance of Experience (17:17)
  • Why different browsers render CSS differently (and why it sometimes doesn't work) (22:31)
  • Progressive enhancement and accessibility (27:05)
  • The History of CSS (30:34)
  • Will there ever be a CSS4? (34:24)
  • How to stay in the loop and join the conversation around features (36:30)
  • Quick-fire questions (38:43)

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How not to struggle with CSS, with Kevin Powell
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